CSF of Mansfield Dollars for Scholars is a public charity as designated under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Your tax-deductible DIRECT contributions to support the students of Mansfield can be made to:

CSF of Mansfield Dollars for Scholars

P.O. Box 23

Mansfield, MA 02048

All contributions will be directed to the General Scholarship Fund and will be used to fund scholarship awards for the current year.  Alternatively, you can elect to have your contribution added to one of the many Endowment Funds listed in that section of this website.  The principal balance of Endowment Funds remains invested and only the income is used to fund scholarship awards.

You can also donate directly to CSF of Mansfield Dollars for Scholars on-line using Google Pay, your credit card or directly from your bank account through our partner, "Give Lively". Just click on the "Donate Now" tab and follow the instructions. Any donations made in this manner will go directly to our local CSF of Mansfield Dollars for Scholars Chapter for local use.

Finally, if you are interested in establishing a new Endowment Fund, please write to our President by clicking the "Chapter Contact" tab above.